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Here are the top ways of getting a girl sleep with you

Making a girl sleep with you is easier said than done—well, that’s because you’re asking her to be intimate with you not only physically but also emotionally. So you have to be very careful with your actions, words, and thoughts if you want to get laid with a particular girl, lad. We’re writing this post so that the game of making out with any girl isn’t tough for you anymore. This blog includes the low-down on the top four ways by which you can fuck any girl you want easily. So without any further ado, gents, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Admit your faults, first

When you want to fuck local girls, you should be able to admit your own mistakes. See, every plan comes with a few plot holes so you should be able to note these errors and work on them. If you think that your plan is foolproof, then you have to think again. You have to plan a bit flexibly—if one thing doesn’t work in your plan, then try the other one. You should never be rigid in your planning because that won’t let you get the girl you want. So the fact is that you need to acknowledge whatever wrong you’re doing and you should be able to make it right.

Thinking that women are crazy isn’t appropriate

If you think that women are gullible and crazy, then you have to change your thoughts. You may be the hottest guy in a specific place right now, but you shouldn’t take these ladies lightly. Many guys fail to have sex with a girl they like because they just can’t impress them—so plan thoroughly. You have to begin by socialising with these ladies, and then you should reveal your sexual plans once you’ve won their confidence. That’s how the game of lust-filled love works, lads.

Don’t ever rush with things

Lots of men have this one problem that may completely ruin their chances of getting laid with one of the hottest chicks. Whenever you see that a girl is somewhat interested in you, you may jump the gun and ask her for sex. Well, this will make you look like a first-rate pervert in front of her. That’s why you should always plan well and act rationally. No girl will want you on her bed in the very first meeting unless she’s a nympho. Which is why, we’ll always stress on the fact that you need to talk to her first; you should build a solid connection with her before approaching her for sex. Remember that you need to stimulate her mentally before arousing her sexually.

Use the touch

You need to touch her time and again, and make sure that the touch isn’t indecent or aggressive. You have to be gentle and friendly whenever you touch her. Plus, make sure that you’re maintaining a pretty safe distance from the much dreaded “physical-harassment zone”. For instance, if she’s laughing with you, then you may place a hand gently on her shoulders. Or when you both are happy, you may put your hand against her back. However, make sure whether she’s feeling comfortable with all this touching or not—if she isn’t feeling the comfort, then quit doing so then and there.

Now, we’ve given y’all the true dope on how should you impress a girl so that you can bring her to your bed. So follow these tips by the book if you want to be one of the best local root buddies out there. Last but not least, was this post enjoyable? If so, then do hit the share button and let other of your male buddies know the art of picking and fucking a female in no time.

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