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Unmistakable signs that prove that your girlfriend is a lesbian

All right, not all have this gifted ability to know whether a person is a homosexual at just one single glance. But what if you end up marrying someone who’s a lesbian? It’s a fact that many men have unknowingly tied the knot with a lesbian. And then there’ve been cases when females have married men who’re attracted to the same sex. What a grief will it be to find that?

However, we know that you don’t want this to happen to yourself or any of your friends. So if that’s the case, we’ve got some killer tips that’ll help you know whether your girlfriend—who’ll soon be your wife—is a lesbian or not. Let’s get right into it.

Finding that who’s the real boss

Apart from being assertive and stubborn, she’ll be the one who’ll be wearing the pants in your relationship. It’s her say that’ll eventually stand, she’ll never take your “no” for an answer, and every time she’ll want things to be done her way. And if that was bad, she’ll even wear your pants—like, literally.

No feminine touch

You’ll know that your girlfriend is a lesbian from her mannerism. For instance, she won’t be having any feminine characteristic. Plus, to top it all, she’ll be super interested in females. For example, she won’t give a rat’s arse as to how the home is decorated or maintained; instead, she’ll be just unhealthily obsessed by the chick next door. (Hey, this tip will be out the window if your girlfriend is a femme in a lesbian relationship.)

She’ll love to sport Bieber hairstyle

Not so long ago, the hairstyle of Justin Bieber was famous among lesbians—especially among the butch. So if you find your girlfriend getting that kinda haircut someday, then you must think that something’s totally amiss here. So if you think that your girlfriend doesn’t like her long braid and is rather interested in getting such a hairstyle, then things aren’t in your favour.

Body language matters a lot

You can tell a lot by simply analysing the way your partner walks and talks; in short, it’s her body language that makes all the difference. So while your partner may be a bombshell, you must have noticed that there’s something particularly off about her style and her body language. She’ll be a bit masculine; like, for instance, she’ll sit with her legs wide open—which you must’ve found super sexy before but not now.

No chick flick for her

Now, this is one more common thing that you’ll notice if you’re looking closely. You must be appreciating that you’re not sitting through one of those stupid chick flicks because your wife doesn’t like the genre somehow. That’s so much unlike straight girls who’re dead crazy about such stuff. Come on, every single straight gal out there will have at least one favourite chick TV series or movie. And even if you force her to watch a chick movie or TV series, then she’ll raise a ruckus and will scoff at every single cheesy scene; however, she’ll ogle every one of those well-shot boob scenes. That means she simply wants to find lesbian buddies.

No manicure, please

If you’ve got a lesbian girlfriend, she doesn’t like long nails—it’s as simple as that. She won’t be interested in basic manicure, let alone the chic nail art. And if you ask why she doesn’t like keeping her nails long and beautiful just like other girls, she’ll just say that it causes inconvenience. Nevertheless, lesbians don’t really like such kinda primping—they’re made of different material. Plus, you can check whether her nails are particularly short for her ring, middle, and index fingers. Why? Because they’re her “working” fingers, partner.

Laughs and guffaws

You were always fascinated by her laugh—that hearty laughter which you could easily notice. In fact, while you were dating her, it was her laughter only that attracted you in the first place. Plus, you even thought that her sense of humour was similar to your best buddy’s—so you thought that you guys were compatible. However, now, since you’re deep into this relationship, her laughter bugs you because it has become manlier than ever. And that may be one telltale sign that she’s a lesbo.

So here’s where we’ll end the post, peeps. Now, know if you find most of these characteristics in your girlfriend, then she’ll be nothing more than a casual fuck buddy to a lesbo. Last, if you’ve liked it, share it.

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