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Why should you have a video chat rather than seeing pictures?

Videos are the best way to communicate. And when it comes to sex, you should rely on video chatting only. Text chatting and pictures are okay when you don’t want to bed a girl—but if you intend to making sweet love to her, you should rely on video chatting.

Sometimes, pictures are handy, but they’re unreliable all the same. In a photo, your straight or lesbian fuck buddy may appear to be sexy; in real life, however, she may not appear to be that much of a bombshell. If you’ve used some shoddy dating site, you may have known that how much a picture can really lie.

So if you’re really interested in getting committed to an NSA relation with her, you may start doing video chats rather than exchanging a couple misleading pictures. In the rest of this post, we’ll give you the low-down on why people who are looking for a casual sexual encounter should use videos.

Videos offer quality exposure

Pictures capture a brief moment, but video chats offer prolonged moments where you can ogle her melons to your heart’s content. That is, you get to view her face when she’s smiling; you get to witness the jiggle of her boobs when she plops down on the seat; you see the way she pouts her lips; you even experience her sexy stare; in short, you get to see everything that a picture won’t tell. And a video chat with her will even convey how she behaves whenever she’s not posing for one of her glorious profile pictures.

Note her reactions

As we’ve said earlier, pictures are nothing but brief moments captured with photographical technologies. So pictures won’t elaborately tell the way she actually reacts to a situation or a question or an answer; such reactions, however, are revealed during a video chat session. In a video chat session, you’ll witness each of her emotions—sadness, angriness, happiness, etc. That’s because everything is happening in front of your own eyes. When you’ll see the way she talks and responds, you’ll be in a better position to know how she’ll react to your erotic japes and other related habits.

So here are two points that make video chatting one of the best alternatives to a face-to-face confab. Always remember one thing: a mature fuck buddy will never deny your request of a video chat because she, too, may think it as the best alternative if schedules or distances don’t allow you both to meet in the flesh.

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