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Ways to decipher whether that girl is sexually interested in you or not

Let’s admit the fact—it’s difficult to know whether the girl who’s ogling you for the past one month or so would like to squeeze the banana that’s nestled between your two legs. If your present state of mind is grappling with a similar question, here’s your guide to finding the answer. (This guide will give you the low-down on all those discreet signals that she might be sending your way.)

Tip number 1—you can’t stare her out

Ok, if that’s the case, you’ve just got lucky and won yourself a date where buddies fuck. We know, right now, you’re grinning like a Cheshire cat; and you’ve got all the reasons to do so because she’s infatuated with you. Now, like a true man, you’ve to make the first move and try to start a confab with her soon.

Tip number 2—she might be interested in lewd talks through texts

It’s 11 in the night, and your phone’s screen comes to life; it’s a message from her asking about your clothes. Now, it might be the case that she’s fingering and that’s why inquiring about your present attire; because it’ll help in making her imagination more vivid. (Otherwise, only a dunce would ask such a lame question at 11 pm, right?) Now, if you can put two and two together, you’ll take the cue and start replying promptly; and, by that, you’ll come one step close to be a mature fuck buddy.

Tip number 3—she’ll make excuses to feel you

Now, if she shakes hands, you needn’t get excited. However, if her hand brushes your mickey (and she’s showing that action to be accidental), you’ve all the reason to fiddle with your little soldier while imaging her. However, we’ll admonish you to not at all keep adjusting your antenna because your dick will anytime prefer her orifices (any one of the three) in place of your hand.

So with these tips, you’re equipped with the ways by which you can know if she’d like to create private moments of ecstasy with you.

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