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Why have small boobs become sexier than their larger counterparts?

Now, the hot information is that small boobs have become sexier than the larger ones and that you mustn’t trade them with any darn thing in the world. If you, the petite lady with the small cups, don’t concur with us, you’re reading an apt write-up.

Men, these days, believe that if a breast is more than a handful of flesh, then it’ll be an utter waste … a sheet disappointment becomes it’ll become unwieldy. Plus, small boobs are ruddy special because they’ve got their own specific type of intimate wear. (That intimate wear is popular by the name, ‘Petite Lingerie’.) So you’ll be qualified to adorn this specific collection of lingerie if your boob size ranges anywhere between 32AAA and 34B.

Which is why, here’s a list of reasons why a fuck buddy (male and female) will prefer you having petite breasts.

No nip slips, honey

Did you ever notice a big-breasted mature fuck buddy who sports low-cut tops? If you nod a ‘yes’, you’ll even notice that such big-bosomed females are anxious that their one nip is about to come up at any moment from that low-cut top. And that is why you have every reason to rejoice as you do not have to worry about committing such fashion disasters because you don’t have such ample cleavage. For this reason, your small-sized cups will always remain in demand.

Your perky tits

Unlike the big-bosomed females, you needn’t worry about the fate of your titties. You nips will be as small as your cups; and for that reason, they’ll always remain in shape and be stylish. However, your big-breasted counterparts will never be able to enjoy such stylish nipples because their big tits will sag due to aging and ligament stretching.

Bra shopping is sexier and more exciting, lovey

Ok, so bra shopping for you, dear lady, has just become sexier and more diverse. That’s because you’ll be literally spoilt for choice when you’re there to choose your next innerwear. You can choose from the stylish push-up bras that’ll give even the smallest of breasts the best fit. Plus, since your breasts are small, you wouldn’t need any support at all. Because of this, you can expect the trendy bralettes and bandeaus appear way sexier on your boobs.

Because of these reasons, your small boobs are sexier and more attractive than those monster breasts.

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