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Your Easy-To-Understand Guide to Being Flirtatious While Being Stylish

Flirting can be fun if it’s done correctly. And if flirting is done properly, it can easily get you that guy or that girl on whom you’ve had a crush. However, flirting has some rules that, if not followed by the book, can make you look like a douchebag. So, now, let’s read up on the rules.

Rule number 1: Don’t be a show-off

The mantra that “If I’ve got this, I’ll flaunt it” never works when you’re flirting. That’s because if you’ll do that, you’ll end up looking like an immature wannabe who just wants to show off.  That, however, you mustn’t be wanting. So the best thing is that you should be subtle enough to attract your crush so much so that he/she should come forward and talk to you.

Rule number 2: Maintain eye contact

How can you expect someone to be your future fuck buddy in Cardiff or in some other part of the globe if you can’t maintain an eye contact with that person? Ok, the simple thing is that you’re attracted toward someone; and you’re really want that someone to be your bedmate. For that reason, it’s beneficial that you must be able to not only create eye contact but also maintain it for some time. Actually, it’s considered rude if you don’t look the person (whom you’re taking to) in the eye.

Rule number 3: Tease, tease and tease

Here’s the mantra to do sexy flirting successfully—you’ll have to tease the person whom you’re approaching. The fact is that everyone—especially, the guys—like to chase a lot. So if you can be attractive and tease your crush a bit, you can expect (and even see) the person approaching you in no time. If you really wish teasing successfully, you must start holding some portion of your information—such as your whereabouts—completely.

So just keep in mind these three tips that we’ve shared and become the most adorable and most interesting flirt in the town. Cheers!

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