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Your perfect guide to having have sex in a car!

When it comes to having an intercourse, people prefer a calm, cozy environment—that’s understood as the environment often plays a key role in enhancing the quality of those pleasure-filled moments. However, have you ever thought of being a part of a sexual episode in a car? Have you ever given this kinky idea a fraction of your attention? If not, you should because it’s really worth the effort.

However, often, this adventure proves to be risky; and the risk creeps in due to lack of preparation. If you want to add a new zing (and a new memory) to your sexcapade, you should consider humping her in a car! We’re stressing on this idea as it’ll let you have the time of your life. Let’s get started with the tips, now.

Prepare, prepare and prepare

It’s advisable to initiate an unplanned sexual episode in a car; however, if you’re really hell-bent on doing it right away, you should be cautious and take some necessary steps. If you’re planning to try some special positions, talk in advance about that with your fuck buddy. However, ensure that the chosen positions shouldn’t cause any discomfiture because you’re having sex and not practicing gymnastics.

Clean the car

Hey, your car shouldn’t smell of the last night pizza or shouldn’t have any cigarette stubs—it can turn her off. Afterwards, you can try spraying a car freshener having a soothing smell; sometimes, a soothing smell can set the mood.

Don’t think of surprising her with your plan—it’s better to discuss

You’ve met her on one of those adult fuck sites, and this is your first bed date; however, you’ve planned to surprise her with your idea to have sex in a car. Beware as it takes little time to let surprises become shocks, so it’s better to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. Discuss the plan with her first as some people are really finicky about having sex in a car.

So keep these points in mind and let yourself and your fuck buddy Coventry experience moments that couldn’t be conjured up even on a king-size bed!

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