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  • Your Perfect Guide to Conversing Dirty While You’re in Bed

    Are you one of those many hapless lads who really struggle hard to make sex excellent? We bet you are because many of us are really putting consistent efforts to make sex better. One tip for improving your sexual life—you must indulge in foreplay; it’ll let your every sexual episode (with casual fuck buddies) carry pleasant memories. (more…)

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  • Why Aren’t You Horny Anymore?

    Does your female significant other keep asking you one question almost every night, “Why don’t you feel like making love to me anymore, Honey?” And then there is unsettling silence which is followed by a sonorous snore from her. You, like any other male, would feel miserable. For that reason, we, in this post, will give you the reasons as to why you may not enjoy sex these days. (And it goes without saying that we would give you the ways to improve your sex life, too.)

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  • How to Make a Monogamous Relation Raunchier?

    You have got one partner, and you love him a lot. However, sadly, you are getting bored with him when it comes to having sex. You, like nearly every human, craves for freshness in a relation. However, that is nowhere on the cards when it is about making love to your male fuck buddy in Peterborough. So what to do, now? How can you save your relation? Do not fret as with this guide, you will be able to make the most of your monogamous relation. Read on. (more…)

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  • Here’s a list of great quotes about orgasms

    Are you struggling to find a couple of good words or quotations to describe the ‘Big O’ to your local fuck buddy? If yes, then you should quit looking hither and yon as we’re bringing you the finest quotes (in the history) that were related to orgasms only. Read on, fellas. (more…)

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