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  • The three essentials that your next friend with benefits needs to know

    Oh, you ended up with a rookie bedmate. Having a naïve fuck buddy can be a trifle complicated. Of course, it’s fun but a bit risky as well. To enjoy fully the passionate moments, you’ve to bring down the level of risks first; in short, you’ve to train your fuck buddy first. Here, we’ve compiled a couple of points that’ll help you to train your neophyte friend with benefits. Read on!


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  • Telephone etiquette to follow while calling a fuck buddy after sex

    Yesterday, you’d the best sex of your life—you’re ecstatic. In your ecstasy, however, you’ve dialled your fuck buddy’s number. Now, a feeling that it mightn’t be the best idea strikes right when the first bell rings.


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  • Make your anger a passionate rage that’ll fuel your next bed date

    You’ve just happened to have an argument (on phone or via text messages) with your bedmate, but you were scheduled to meet her this evening. However, she hasn’t called off the date yet, and neither have you. Now what? At this juncture, we’d say that you can still let your anger drive your passion, which will finally culminate in steamy sex! Yee-haw! Yes, let’s get started, now.


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  • Rules to have sex with your fuck buddy on the very first date (Part 2)

    We’d appreciated your patience and, as per our promise, we’re back with the remaining tips on impressing your fuck buddy to make love to you on your first meet. For those who’ve stumbled upon this interesting write-up but haven’t skimmed through the previous post, here’s the lowdown:


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  • Rules to have sex with your fuck buddy on the very first date (Part 1)

    The question may sound awkward when you’re about to start a sexual relation, but it’s the truth. Many a time, you’ll think that it’s easier to have sex with your fuck buddy; it’s bound to happen, actually. But, sadly, if you think similarly, you’re just labouring under the misapprehension that we’re more than happy to disabuse. In a sexual relation, you require following a set of rules for making it last long and for making it become a good one.

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  • The best tips to satisfying a mature fuck buddy

    Every man wishes to share bed with a mature woman. But why has this belief endured for so long, for so many centuries? It’s because mature women are, most of the times, shapely and straightforward; they know what a male wants from them and fulfil each of his desires. Unlike teenagers and young girls, who are fussy when it comes to having sex, a matured woman doesn’t beat around the bush. She just wants your tube in her tunnel.


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  • The basic difference between a boyfriend and a gay fuck buddy

    You must love your man, but you have a gay boyfriend who lets your carnal pleasures flow wildly. (Ah, a boyfriend? Ok, whatever.) Now, although he titillates you by caressing gently your winkle, but have you ever thought that the reference (boyfriend) made to him is apt? There’s something amiss about the word ‘boyfriend’ when you start associating it with your homosexual partner.

    What can we call our gay sexual partner? The term ‘boyfriend’ somehow doesn’t sound right to the ears. However, you can call him a gay fuck buddy. Yes, you can do that because he’s a casual sexual partner.

    Your boyfriend will care for you while making you happy (and satisfied, too, most of the times) in bed; he’ll promise you to be your husband someday. But can we expect a similar attitude from a gay fuck buddy Plymouth? No way!

    So, now, it’s time to draw a distinction between a gay bedmate and a boyfriend. We’ve got a couple of points that can let you differentiate easily. Let’s read these points.

    * First things first, you meet your gay sexual partner for sex only, but your boyfriend is much more than a toy for having sex.
    * You may not enjoy the company of your gay bedmate outside the bedroom, but can you say the same for your boyfriend? Nah, you can’t.
    * Your boyfriend provides you emotional support, but your gay fuck mate will only be your partner in sharing physical pleasures.
    * If, God forbid, your boyfriend decides to not see no more, your heart will shatter, and you’ll miss him a lot. However, a relation with gay fuck buddies lasts for only one or two months.

    So, the next time you’re introducing someone to your gay fuck mate, don’t address him as your ‘boyfriend’, rather saying ‘friend’ will do.

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  • Make the threesome happen if you’ve got two willing fuckbuddies

    Threesome can be gratifying and heavenly only if you’re sending the invite to those of your sexual partners who’re well aware of each other and who’re comfortable with each other. However, ensure that the invite isn’t sent to those who might find it awkward; if you do otherwise, you can put your sexual relation with the invitee in jeopardy. We’ve given two points to make sure that you plan an amazing threesome so that your fun gets doubled in the bedroom!

    Set the boundaries (if you’re having any).

    So, you and your fuck buddy have agreed to bring along a third person to enhance the intensity of the intercourse; that’s perfect. Now, you’ve to set the boundaries that what exactly you both want the third fuck buddy to do. What role will she/he play? First, you’ll have to find a fuck buddy Liverpool who’s a bisexual. After finding, you’ll have to ask the person as to whether she/he will be interested in this sexcapade. Upon agreeing, you’ll let the person know the rules of the game if there’re are any.

    What if the invitee is a person whom you don’t know?

    The best decision is to invite someone whom you really know well—a tested fuck buddy, that is. However, if you don’t manage to find one, you’ll have to resort to someone whom you don’t know; someone who’s possibly a stranger. If you’re inviting a stranger, you’ll have to ensure that the person should feel comfortable.

    So, keep these two tips in mind to enjoy more in your next bed date.

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