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  • Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • Do and Don’ts of a NSA Relationship

    Without any of the emotional strings holding you or your partner back, the no string relationship is roller coaster ride of pure fun and complete enjoyment. This post briefly discusses some of the do and don’t that you should consider when you are involved with NSA fuck buddy and don’t want to end up in a complicated mess. (more…)

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  • New couples are liable to fall inside these texting pitfalls

    It’s a threadbare yet true statement—technology has changed the world; and, most importantly, it has changed the way we date. Thanks to WhatsApp and other real-time massaging applications, we can chat to anyone, anywhere, anytime. (more…)

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  • 5 Incredible Sex Positions for Lesbian Couples

    Lesbian couples can also freshen up your sex life with different sex positions. Right sexual positions can ensure strong clitoral stimulation in both the lesbian partners. By using right sex position, it was reported that a 56% increase in orgasm frequency was reported. (more…)

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  • Different Mistakes That Gay Couples Can Make

    Many gay men struggle with making their relationship a success. Gay couples end up breaking up as they fail to face dating challenges. Common mistakes made by any one of the gay men can compromise the success of a gay relationship. (more…)

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