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  • Monthly Archives: December 2016

  • Hey, let’s just stop making female orgasms appear unachievable

    We’ve seen countless scientists deciphering the unspoken enigma related to female orgasms. There’s a latest explanation uncovering that nearly 150 million years ago, females cued the body to release eggs while fertilisation. And today’s orgasms are closely related to this explanation, so it’s true that females have an automatic ovulation cycle. (more…)

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  • Partner swapping: Here is how you improve your partner’s experience

    Many veterans confess that while attempting swinging for the first time, the toughest part was to ease a partner’s experience while stepping in this sex-and-partner-swapping hoopla. We have seen many relations going down the drain just because of swinging and the reluctant partners became way too anxious about the way local horny f buddies touch. (more…)

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  • It’s okay to have a roll in the hay while dating for the first time

    Have you ever heard of anything like the ‘third date rule’? We bet most of you haven’t heard anything like that, but it’s there and it’s annoying. As per this rule, you’ll have to wait until your third date for having sex. That’s because the people who laid this rule believed that three dates are enough to know someone inside out. But in this post, we’re proving that this rule is stale and boring. Read on. (more…)

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  • Here’s a list of the finest sex advice for males

    Here are a couple of tips that you, the male, should always keep in mind before starting sex. Each of these tips will go a long way in making you an ace when you only meet to fuck. So let’s get started. (more…)

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  • Your perfect guide to giving your lady great head

    The Internet is teeming with articles that lay out the tricks and tips to give blowjobs properly. But there’s a dearth of articles explaining how to give great head to females. So here’s one post that’ll decode the art of going down on women like an ace. (more…)

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