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It’s okay to have a roll in the hay while dating for the first time

Have you ever heard of anything like the ‘third date rule’? We bet most of you haven’t heard anything like that, but it’s there and it’s annoying. As per this rule, you’ll have to wait until your third date for having sex. That’s because the people who laid this rule believed that three dates are enough to know someone inside out. But in this post, we’re proving that this rule is stale and boring. Read on. (more…)

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Casual sex buddies UK that you always wished for

Casual sex is in rage among the people these days, especially the young. In the old boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship, you invest emotionally and physically in a relationship. You need to brought her gifts, wish her on her birthday, like the every word she says, take her for outings and do lot of shopping for her. Plus you are strictly barred from meeting any other woman except her. (more…)

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Casual sex buddy UK to get laid tonight

If sex is the only thing that you wish to live and die for, you should look for free bang buddys who will fulfill your desire to enjoy sex to the fullest. Since you enjoy no strings attached relationship with a casual sex buddy, this f buddy relationship is just for pure fun. You need  not investment emotionally in such a relationship to avoid hurt feelings later on. (more…)

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Horny fuck buddies – Meet and fuck tonight

Casual dating site UK is the best place to keep your sexual life charged up and enliven your fantasies. These sites have profiles of thousands of horny f buddies that you can browse and get laid with tonight. One night stands are great if you are always short of time and do not have patience to hook up with a buddy in the traditional way of developing friendship, bond, attachment, love and then sex. (more…)

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Top 3 reasons why women shouldn’t masturbate much

Hey, please don’t jump the gun by thinking that we’re misogynist and we’re not letting pleasure yourself. Through this post, we’re just stating the experiences that you’ll feel if you won’t masturbate. So let’s read on. (more…)

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What all you should say while you are having sex?

While intercourse is happening, you must say a couple of well-chosen words that will really set the mood and add the fuel to the passion that is slowly building. So for this reason, we, through this post, are giving you the low-down on what all things you must say while you are abed with any of your local root buddies. (more…)

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Guide to understanding the art of deflowering a girl

Ok, so you’re finally got hold of that night where you and your female sex buddy will meet and make the beast with two backs. However, what if the girl’s a virgin? If that’s the case, then we’ll give you the low-down on the way or the art where you’ll pop her cherry confidently. So read on, mates. (more…)

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Top flirtatious, revealing questions that you can always ask your boyfriend

Nothing in this world carries more beautiful moments than being in the getting-to-know-you phase. If you think that things have started to become somewhat stale and that you will soon run out of subjects to talk, then fear not as this post has fun, flirtatious questions that you can ask your boyfriend or even your casual sex buddy. (more…)

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Signs That Say You’re Into Sexual Deprivation

Cheating has become common in many relationships these days. But what really tempts these people to cheat their partners? The answer is simple—when you’re facing sexual deprivation, you’re liable to find a fuck buddy who’ll make up for your sex-starved wedlock. (more…)

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The Art of Remaining Unaffected in a Sexual Relationship

Caring way too much than it’s required can smother a relation easily and quickly. If you’re in a sexual relation, you must know the art of being unaffected and not giving a damn, come what may. (more…)

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