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Some sex questions that may come to your mind

You know, sex questions are doubtlessly hot. You’ve to admit it that you, sometimes, get honry enough to ask a lot of sex-related questions. And these questions become a bit freakier whenever they’ve got a hilarious touch to them. We’ve categorized such questions under a category that we like referring to as ‘this and that questions’. (more…)

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Create your sexual mood with these great movies

We all know what do the movies, which are having a lot of sex in them, do to each one of us; they set our mood to make sweet love to our partners. So if you’re looking forward to spicing up your date night, here’s the list of movies that’ll set your mood in no time. (more…)

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How to Make Her Experience the Best Oral Sex

If you’re interested in some hard facts that are related to sex, here they are—you’d be surprised to learn that females, ranging from 30 to 50 per cent, don’t achieve satisfactory orgasms through penetration alone. Also, the total number of females who can come during a sexual episode is really very low. (more…)

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