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Top 6 Cute Ways To Hi And Stand Out In Front Of Her

Howdy, guys! Or do you like a simple “hi”? Or are you the one who prefers a casual “hey” to get things rolling?

Well, whatever the case may be, it turns out that you actually have a lot of super-cool ways to say hi to your girlfriend or crush.

These ways can be uber creative, so it all depends on your imagination, partner. (more…)

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Here are the top rules for being a great fuck buddy

So, welcome to the age of hook-ups.

Many men and women want to completely avoid all the hassles and the heavy emotional baggage coming with a full-time relationship. Instead, people are now opting to have a no-strings-attached relationship.

Yeah, the age is of shag buddies, you know. Why’s that? Well, that’s because nothing really beats having guilt-free pleasure; nothing actually matches a relationship where you don’t have to give any commitments whatsoever. (more…)

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This is your perfect guide to having sex with yourself

Having sex with others is so much fun. But to really enjoy those orgasms, you’ll have to learn the subtle art of having sex with yourself first. Because, no matter whom you’re dating, at the end of the day, all that remains is you with your hands.

Nowadays, it seems that we’ve become more and more dependent on fuck buddiesand that dependence is so much so that we’ve completely forgotten the art of self-pleasuring. We all know that having sex with different people is great; but for taking your arousal to a whole new level, you have to unlock the sexual troves present within your own body. (more…)

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That’s Basically How You Can Spice Up Your not-so-cool Sex Life

It’s important to make sure that your sex life remains in high gear while you’re still in your heyday—yeah, you can ignore those golden years, though. But, otherwise, your sex life should be out-and-out healthy.

While nobody—not even your most demanding fuck buddy in Londonwill expect you to have a roll in the hay at least three times a day, but, yes, you need to give her attention nonetheless. Maybe, now is a pretty good time to look as to how you can actually inject fun back into your sex life. (more…)

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Dating Buddy to Spice Up Sex Positions For Maximum Pleasure

It may be a little intimidating to spice up the sex positions while being with a dating fuck buddy, but if it helps in making your sex and no string attached relationship better, it’s worth it. So here we will discuss some common sex positions and how you can spice them up with your dating fuck buddy to get more pleasure out of your sexual acts. (more…)

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Useful Tips to Keep Adult Dating Just Casual

Do you enjoy no string attached more than a committed romantic one? Casual relationships are not meant for everyone. But if you are looking for one on different adult dating websites in the UK, keep these causal relationship rules in mind and follow them. Following these rules will make all the difference between a happy causal romance and a complex mess. (more…)

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Here’s your guide to pleasuring your girlfriend

Everyone wants to spend an unforgettable night with their girlfriend. However, before this, you’ll have to know a thing or two about pleasuring your girlfriend magnificently. Whoever has said that it’s simple to pleasure a girlfriend might be a single. The fact of the matter is that for letting a relationship stand for a long time, you’ll have to put in a lot of hard work everywhere—especially, in your bedroom. (more…)

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Fuck buddy mistakes to avoid in the relationship

There are distinct differences between a fuck buddy relationship and a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. If you cross these lines, you may end up getting hurt. Here, we have discussed the mistakes that a hookup fuck buddy should avoid.

Do not be emotionally involved

Most of the people find it really exciting to sleep with a woman or man just for the pleasure of sex. They enter into a free meet and fuck relationship without realizing how vulnerable it could be. It’s perfectly fine if you are attracted to your hookup fuck buddy due to their physique or chemistry, but emotions should always be kept out of this relationship. There shouldn’t be any love making in free meet and fuck relationship, it should be just fucking and nothing else. It may sound cold but this is the way the relationship should be carried forward to. Any attachment is likely to end badly.

No dating

A hookup fuck buddy should avoid going on dates with their partner. Sex drive should be the only motive for you to be in a free meet and fuck relationship. If you are going out on dates with your partner after sex, it means you are getting emotionally attached to them. If you need to have any date, it should be straight into the bedroom. If you are enjoying dating with your partner minus the sex, it means you are developing liking for that buddy. If it’s so, you have broken the first rule.

Do not see each other too often

Sex twice a week with your fuck buddy should be enough. If you are seeing your partner too often, it means you are getting dependent on them for sexual relief. This dependency will make you vulnerable to emotional attachments. So keep a balance on how often you should see your f buddy.

Explanations are not a must

Justifying yourself or feeling like you owe an explanation to your partner regarding your other relationships is not required and expected in in a fuck buddy relationship. Explanations are to be given in a formal relationship, not in a f buddy relationship.

Have multiple fuck buddies

Do not keep yourself hooked to a single fuckbuddy because you are not in a formal couple type of relationship. Have multiple fuck buddies, though you may like to sleep with a couple of them more often. Keep the door open for new relationships; never shut them as you want this all for the pure pleasure of sex and nothing else.

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The Reasons Why Ladies Cheat so Easily When They’re in a Relationship

Do you wonder while the girl who was with you a year ago could’ve cheated? If you’re bothered, this post will have the reasons why females can cheat so easily whenever they’re in a full-time relation. (more…)

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