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The Art Of Getting A Super-Hot Fuck Buddy Gets Finally Explained

Most of the time, fuck buddies aren’t planned—no matter what. A fling with a fuck mate seems to happen all by itself. Much unlike love, a relationship with a bedmate is kinda organic in most cases. The characteristic about fuck buddies is that there’s no planning involved; there aren’t any first impressions, and there aren’t any exchanges of heartfelt gifts either. (more…)

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Top 6 Cute Ways To Hi And Stand Out In Front Of Her

Howdy, guys! Or do you like a simple “hi”? Or are you the one who prefers a casual “hey” to get things rolling?

Well, whatever the case may be, it turns out that you actually have a lot of super-cool ways to say hi to your girlfriend or crush.

These ways can be uber creative, so it all depends on your imagination, partner. (more…)

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Here Are All The Top Sex Toys That Every Couple Must Try

Whenever peeps think of sex toys, they’ll tend to imagine all the solo accessions—but that’s not the case. You know, vibrators aren’t just meant for letting the girls get off; likewise, stokers aren’t the only sex toy that men can use.

Do you think that your sex life is absolutely perfect as it is? Well, of course, you can be a real pleasure-giver when you’re in the sack with any one of your free fuck buddies. But we’ll assure that the couple’s sex toys mentioned below will give your sex life the edge you haven’t ever imagined before. (more…)

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Here are the top rules for being a great fuck buddy

So, welcome to the age of hook-ups.

Many men and women want to completely avoid all the hassles and the heavy emotional baggage coming with a full-time relationship. Instead, people are now opting to have a no-strings-attached relationship.

Yeah, the age is of shag buddies, you know. Why’s that? Well, that’s because nothing really beats having guilt-free pleasure; nothing actually matches a relationship where you don’t have to give any commitments whatsoever. (more…)

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This is your perfect guide to having sex with yourself

Having sex with others is so much fun. But to really enjoy those orgasms, you’ll have to learn the subtle art of having sex with yourself first. Because, no matter whom you’re dating, at the end of the day, all that remains is you with your hands.

Nowadays, it seems that we’ve become more and more dependent on fuck buddiesand that dependence is so much so that we’ve completely forgotten the art of self-pleasuring. We all know that having sex with different people is great; but for taking your arousal to a whole new level, you have to unlock the sexual troves present within your own body. (more…)

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Top signs that show your best friend forever is a . . . lesbian!

So you’ve got a girlfriend who, you think, have some ulterior motives when it comes to your friendship with her. Well, in the most blatant language, you think that she’s a lesbian. (more…)

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These are the most common things that can actually ruin your date with her

Are you looking to impress her while you’re out on a date?

Well, if so, we’re giving you the ultimate low-down on the stuff that you shouldn’t be doing if you really want to woo her. These are some common things that seem absolutely harmless on the surface, but they can actually destroy your chances to be one of her NSA fuck buddies in the UK. So, are you ready to know what these things are? Yeah, so let’s go! (more…)

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Do and Don’ts of a NSA Relationship

Without any of the emotional strings holding you or your partner back, the no string relationship is roller coaster ride of pure fun and complete enjoyment. This post briefly discusses some of the do and don’t that you should consider when you are involved with NSA fuck buddy and don’t want to end up in a complicated mess. (more…)

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Sexual Positions for Practically Guaranteed Orgasm

Any sportsmen or athlete can tell you that proper form is crucial to performance.  Changing your technique even slightly saves a few minutes off your race time that will improve your performance significantly. Sex is no different: Picking a right position with NSA fuck buddy is essential for enhancing your performance and helping you to across the finish line. This post discusses different sexual positions to get 100% satisfaction. (more…)

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What it’s like to be a woman who cherishes sex all the time?

Hey, lady, you may enjoy when he pushes into you with all his might. The pleasure that his every stroke brings is somewhat unexplainable and immeasurable and, most importantly, wonderful. (more…)

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