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Here are the top rules for being a great fuck buddy

So, welcome to the age of hook-ups.

Many men and women want to completely avoid all the hassles and the heavy emotional baggage coming with a full-time relationship. Instead, people are now opting to have a no-strings-attached relationship.

Yeah, the age is of shag buddies, you know. Why’s that? Well, that’s because nothing really beats having guilt-free pleasure; nothing actually matches a relationship where you don’t have to give any commitments whatsoever. (more…)

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How to Sexually Satisfy Your Women in Bed?

Without a deep understanding of what makes your women turned on, it is very difficult for you to sexually satisfy your women in bed even with some of the best sex techniques and positions. Most of the men in the UK don’t take the time to figure out what it is that their women really want for sexual encounters. It is important to take time out and ask your women about things that turn them on. You should find fun, creative and interesting ways to make these things come alive. (more…)

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4 tips that’ll make you a pro in the dating e-landscape

Adult dating has to be enjoyed by all, and you really want to make the most of any dating app whatsoever. So that’s why we’re writing this post where you’ll get the ultimate low-down on how to get a hook-up on any of the coolest dating apps. (more…)

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New couples are liable to fall inside these texting pitfalls

It’s a threadbare yet true statement—technology has changed the world; and, most importantly, it has changed the way we date. Thanks to WhatsApp and other real-time massaging applications, we can chat to anyone, anywhere, anytime. (more…)

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3 top stages through which sexting goes when it is in a relation

The unexpected sometimes arouses you unexpectedly. For example, if a lad comes to you in a bar and says, “You’re sexy.” Then, automatically, you will feel wonderful and romantic—it has a sort of pseudo-Hollywood quality. While leaving the bar he again approaches and says, “Can you give me your digits?” And if you fulfills his request, then the true game of sexting may begin. (more…)

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3 kinky things you can try with your boyfriend beyond the comfort of the bed

Do you wish showing your significant other that you’re much more than what he thinks you are when it’s about sex? If yes, here’s the write-up you must do to let your boyfriend know that you can ride the bull named sex really very well. (more…)

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Create your sexual mood with these great movies

We all know what do the movies, which are having a lot of sex in them, do to each one of us; they set our mood to make sweet love to our partners. So if you’re looking forward to spicing up your date night, here’s the list of movies that’ll set your mood in no time. (more…)

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How should you make sex different in a good way?

Sex should be better, and you’ll hardly find anyone saying, “This is the best sexual intercourse of my life, and it won’t get any better, now.” Everyone—whether he or she—demands more from those sexual adventures. And let’s face the harsh truth once and for all: None is perfect in the bed, so everyone should do everything under the sun to make sex better than what you and your bedmate had done yesterday. (more…)

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Top Sexy Things to Do While You’re in Bed

Do you wish to take your nocturnal sexual adventure a notch higher than where it presently is? We bet the answer is an affirmative one, so here’s a post that’s just meant for letting you make those sex sessions power-packed ones.

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