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  • This is how you can have a one-night stand

    Yes, you’re up for casual sex—and that’s so cool. Now, you get an ego boost and feel, kinda, liberated. But having a one-night stand, or engaging in casual sex, isn’t that simple. You may know the concept of one-night stand in theory, but it’s way different when you put into practice. (more…)

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  • This is how you can know whether he’s fallen for you

    You’ll stumble upon a few guys who don’t know the art of expressing their love through words. So if you’re having one such guy in your life, these are the tips that’ll let you know whether he’s fallen for you. Let’s read on. (more…)

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  • This is how you can have harder orgasms every time

    So you’re a female who’s finding novel ways to have better orgasms every time. However, if you want to experience earth-shattering orgasms, you should know a thing or two about edging. Before delaying any further, let’s get to know a bit about edging. (more…)

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  • The common reasons why girls run whenever you try getting closer to them

    You like a girl a lot—and as soon as you tell her to be your date, she runs amok. Well, this thing, or anomaly, happens to even the best of men. That’s exactly why we’ve dedicated this this post to explain the main reasons why women actually pull away from a relationship. Without any further ado, gents, let’s get down to brass tacks now. (more…)

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  • Top actions that’ll help you escape the dreaded friend zone

    If there’s one single thing that you don’t want from a relationship, then it’ll surely be unrequited love. This form of love even brings the fear of being dumped or, worse, being condemned to the always-dreaded friendship zone. In this post, we’re discussing the top ways through which you can escape that worrisome friend zone forever. (more…)

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  • This is how you can easily unleash your sex appeal

    What’s sex appeal, huh? Well, it’s the ability to attract someone with your sexuality alone. In other words, your high sex appeal will make you rate high on the fuckable metre. However, how can you, the lady, build your own sex appeal? It’s through being sexy. Yes, you have to be a bombshell because that’ll be the foundation of building your own lasting sex appeal. Now, let’s get down to the tips that’ll help you unleash your inner sex appeal. Without ado, peeps, let’s get started. (more…)

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  • That’s how you improve your semen volume

    Is a teaspoon not enough? Well, yes, we’re talking about semen. On average, the male ejaculates semen that covers nearly half a teaspoon; this can be almost three to five millilitres. However, that’s the diametrical opposite to the semen’s nickname “load”. And that’s certainly not what we’re used to seeing in skin flicks. (more…)

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  • Top 4 tips that’ll put any girl on the bed with you

    We’ve seen guys struggling a lot when it comes to banging a girl of their choice. Well, we don’t want you, the reader, be one of such lads. Which is precisely why we’re giving y’all the low-down on the top four ways through which you can impress and, then, fuck any girl you want. Without any further ado, peeps, let’s get down to the deets. (more…)

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  • Top four ways to add that ‘extra’ to ‘ordinary’ sex

    We all know that sex is special. However, after some time, it just becomes ordinary. Yes, that feeling of lust and love and attraction doesn’t really desert you—but, still, you know that the to-and-fro motion will produce a sticky lotion. (more…)

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  • 3 top clues that’ll tell you whether you’re a lesbian or not

    Am I a lesbian? Does this question haunt your heart every time when you look in the mirror? Well, if so, then the answer to this lies in your heart. Here’s a simple fact: there isn’t any no-brainer that’ll tell you whether you’re someone who’s comfortable around ladies and who doesn’t enjoy men the way other females do. (more…)

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