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  • Explore Different Sex Positions to Achieve Eternal Bliss in a Relationship

    It is important to understand that sexual intimacy is a vital element to any causal relationship with no bondage or string attached. You should keep trying to explore new sex positions, in order to keep the sexual aspect of your causal relationship active. This blog illustrate some of the reasons why you should try new & fun sex positions with your casual dates in the UK. (more…)

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  • How to Sexually Satisfy Your Women in Bed?

    Without a deep understanding of what makes your women turned on, it is very difficult for you to sexually satisfy your women in bed even with some of the best sex techniques and positions. Most of the men in the UK don’t take the time to figure out what it is that their women really want for sexual encounters. It is important to take time out and ask your women about things that turn them on. You should find fun, creative and interesting ways to make these things come alive. (more…)

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  • Here are top 3 ways to have outstanding sex every time

    Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time, sex should be amazing. That is, when you’re rolling in the hay, you should feel a surging sense of pleasure engulfing you; you should roll away feeling incredible and satisfied. (more…)

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  • 4 tips that’ll make you a pro in the dating e-landscape

    Adult dating has to be enjoyed by all, and you really want to make the most of any dating app whatsoever. So that’s why we’re writing this post where you’ll get the ultimate low-down on how to get a hook-up on any of the coolest dating apps. (more…)

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  • Online Adult Dating Websites: One of the Quickest Ways to Get Laid

    If you want to meet root buddies in the United Kingdom (UK) and have sexual relationship with them with no string attached, then an adult dating website is great choice for you. You get chance to meet new and fun people who are only interested in the same type of sexual relationship as you. (more…)

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  • Why are men so obsessed to sext dick selfies

    As a female, you may be confused when your boyfriend, husband, or casual dater keeps sending you his dick’s selfie. Now, what’re you supposed to do once you receive that sext, huh? If you’re grappling with similar issues, then this post is the thing to read right now. (more…)

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  • Lesbian Sex Positions That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Lesbian women who do not orgasm during sex could benefits by exploring different sex positions until they find one that allows direct stimulation of their sacred spot.  Different types of lesbian-specific sex positions for female orgasm are mentioned and discussed below. (more…)

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  • Comprehensive Guide to Popular Lesbian & Gay Sex Positions

    Intensified orgasm and maximum sexual pleasure can be assured by choosing a right kind of sexual position for both gay and lesbian couples. Some of the best sexual position for both gay men and lesbian women are discussed in this post. (more…)

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  • This is how you get rid of that vaginal odour

    It is true that you, a female, will not smell like fresh daises every time. You, too, may have your moments where you may not be smelling fresh; in short, you may have moments when your vaginal odour may ruin your confidence and your chances of getting laid with that nearly perfect dude in your office or college. Being smelly in the loins can be embarrassing, and you require the a few remedies to cure that very anomaly. So without any further ado, let us get started. (more…)

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  • It is time to go through some fascinating facts about sex

    Discussing sex interests everyone — whether you are a grown-up hookup fuck buddy, a tweenager, a teenager or an oldster. Grown-ups who get their dose of sex regularly are not that interested in discussing sexual topics. And if you are an adult and think that you know everything, then you will probably reconsider your decision after reading this post. (more…)

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