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Unmistakable signs that prove that your girlfriend is a lesbian

All right, not all have this gifted ability to know whether a person is a homosexual at just one single glance. But what if you end up marrying someone who’s a lesbian? It’s a fact that many men have unknowingly tied the knot with a lesbian. And then there’ve been cases when females have married men who’re attracted to the same sex. What a grief will it be to find that? (more…)

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3 top clues that’ll tell you whether you’re a lesbian or not

Am I a lesbian? Does this question haunt your heart every time when you look in the mirror? Well, if so, then the answer to this lies in your heart. Here’s a simple fact: there isn’t any no-brainer that’ll tell you whether you’re someone who’s comfortable around ladies and who doesn’t enjoy men the way other females do. (more…)

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These 4 cliches should be known by every lesbian out there

We all use stereotypes; it’s as if we’re enslaved by them. We use these stereotypes to define our judgement and perception of being with gays or lesbians. In this post, however, we’re dealing with lesbian stereotypes. Yes, this post covers the top four clichés on lesbians. So without wasting even a single moment, readers, let’s get started. (more…)

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4 Lesbian Sex Positions that every lesbian Couples should try at Least Once in Their Lifetime

Choosing right kind of sex position is essential for lesbian buddies to attain maximum sexual pleasure and orgasm. It is important to understand that any sex positions (for heterosexual partners) can work with women who have sex with other women. Some of the penetrative sex between two women requires strap on usage. (more…)

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Lesbian Sex Positions That Will Blow Your Mind!

Lesbian women who do not orgasm during sex could benefits by exploring different sex positions until they find one that allows direct stimulation of their sacred spot.  Different types of lesbian-specific sex positions for female orgasm are mentioned and discussed below. (more…)

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Comprehensive Guide to Popular Lesbian & Gay Sex Positions

Intensified orgasm and maximum sexual pleasure can be assured by choosing a right kind of sexual position for both gay and lesbian couples. Some of the best sexual position for both gay men and lesbian women are discussed in this post. (more…)

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New couples are liable to fall inside these texting pitfalls

It’s a threadbare yet true statement—technology has changed the world; and, most importantly, it has changed the way we date. Thanks to WhatsApp and other real-time massaging applications, we can chat to anyone, anywhere, anytime. (more…)

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5 Incredible Sex Positions for Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples can also freshen up your sex life with different sex positions. Right sexual positions can ensure strong clitoral stimulation in both the lesbian partners. By using right sex position, it was reported that a 56% increase in orgasm frequency was reported. (more…)

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Why should you have a video chat rather than seeing pictures?

Videos are the best way to communicate. And when it comes to sex, you should rely on video chatting only. Text chatting and pictures are okay when you don’t want to bed a girl—but if you intend to making sweet love to her, you should rely on video chatting. (more…)

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Your perfect guide to giving your lady great head

The Internet is teeming with articles that lay out the tricks and tips to give blowjobs properly. But there’s a dearth of articles explaining how to give great head to females. So here’s one post that’ll decode the art of going down on women like an ace. (more…)

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